If there's one thing that's been a constant in my life, it's my undeniable love for animals. I grew up wanting to make my own mark in the pet industry, and what I thought would be veterinary medicine turned into something a little more creative. Life's twists led me to a new path, and in 2018, the journey really took off when I adopted Charlie, my black shepherd mix.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Paw Creds, a pet brand on a mission to stand out and make a statement. What started with a lightbulb moment and a simple doodle of a fried egg has evolved into a vibrant collection that artfully combines elements from my hometown and my Cuban-Dominican heritage in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind.

My goal is to keep bringing you fresh, culturally-inspired designs that capture each pet's unique spirit. From vibrant patterns to designs that tell a story, our tags are more than just accessories – they're an extension of your pet's personality. So, as we embark on this journey together, let me be the first to say, Welcome to the Paw Creds Pack!